These raid-sets were affected by fire.
One raid-set was build from SAS drives, another one from Sata drives.
All raid-sets were saved without dataloss.

This Apple raid-set was build from 14 drives. A real brain-teaser, but we could successfully recover the data.

Also the big external disks (like Lacie bigger disks) are hidden Raid-sets

A short list of Raid systems we’ve allready recovered (but not limited to):

Apple Xserver
G-Raid2 van G-Tech 2x500GB
Adaptec 2020SA
Adaptec 2610SA
Adaptec 2410SA RAID 5
Adaptec ATA RAID 1200A
WHITS Compaq SMART ARRAY Controller 221
TerraStation 2T
Proliant server
HP Proliant DL360G5 RAID0
Intel SS-4200 Raid 0

Smart Array 6i controller (RAID5)
Intel SRCU42L
OWC 2 disk (Oxford 934 DSB bridge chipset)
ECS Nforce4-A939 mainboard
Falconstore RAID5
Falconstore RAID0
Intel Matrix storage on Intel I/O Controller Hub 8 (ICH8)
HighPoint Technologies
P400 van HP
Sony Vaio VGN-AR21S Recovery
Synology DS-101 (Logitec LHD-LAN160) , SyNoRs2Fs
Iomega Storcenter Pro ix4
Lacie Big5
Lacie 5Big Network 2
Lacie Big Disk Extreme setup
Lacie Bigger Disk 1 TB
WD Mybook World ED. 1 TB - 2 drives
Dell Poweredge 2950
Dell server with Opensuse ReiserFS
NAS WD_Share_space 4 TB
LinkSYS NSS4000